Is the Perfector Plus adhesive a good glue for wigs or hairpieces?

For women shopping around for wigs, the process can be quite overwhelming, especially in the beginning. There are so many different things to learn about and understand and that is just about the terminology surrounding the wigs themselves. Once you have your wig selected though, you still need to think about how you will actually attach it to your head. Remember, an improper fit is the biggest sign to other people that you are wearing a wig, and a proper fit can keep people from finding out that the beautiful hairstyle you are wearing isn't actually your natural hair.

When professionals are asked about which products they use to help apply their wigs to the heads of their customers, the most common answer is Perfector Plus adhesive. This brand of adhesive is noted for being non-irritating and does not cause sensitization. The best part is that the adhesive is water-based, which means that it does not contain any harsh solvents, like are all too common in some of the lesser brands of adhesives.

Perfector Plus is also medical grade, and it has been tested on human skin to ensure that you only get the best fit when using it yourself. Perfector Plus is resistant to water, sweat, humidity and high temperatures, like those from your hair dryer which you should still feel perfectly free to use. It is meant to be a semi-permanent solution for keeping your wig on and in the right place, with most applications lasting for as long as 25 days. Imagine only having to deal with the application roughly once per month. Most wig wearers in the know agree, when it comes to the safest, most comfortable and most convenient option for an adhesive, there is simply no beating all the benefits you get from Perfector Plus.