Should I shave my hairline to wear a full lace wig? (part 2)

Should I shave my hairline to wear a full lace wig? Our customers basically fall into three categories. Those who have no hair loss, those who have temporary hair loss, and those who have permanent hair loss. We have many customers who have no hair loss or temporary hair loss ask if they should shave their hairlines to wear a full-lace wig. Many times, they have read information that was not completely accurate or has been outdated or was intended for a different type of wearer and they interpreted that information to apply to their situation. We do not recommend that customers with no hair loss or temporary hair loss shave their hairlines.

Here's the origin of shaving the hairline: technically, it's better to shave a hairline than to have the hair pulled out, at the root, from aggressive use of adhesives around the hairline. Think of it like shaving vs waxing the hair on your legs or face. If you shave, you only remove the hair at the surface, thus the hair grows back just fine. If you wax, or pull the hair out at the root, eventually the hair thins or the follicle stops producing hair altogether.

That's how it originated. however, hairline shaving became widespread without consideration for the individual's circumstances.

There are many options for achieving a successful adhesive bond, sew in application, or other application over an existing hairline. You do not need to shave a healthy hairline or even a recovering hairline to wear a full-lace wig.

The customer who has permanent hair loss may want to consider shaving the hairline. This is a personal decision and it is a decision that can be very difficult to make, as it can involve a lot of emotion. The decision to shave the hair is a journey that each person has to travel until they reach a point of comfort with making that choice.

If you have permanent hair loss, whether it is from a medical condition such as alopecia, or due to post-surgical scarring, it may be a better option to shave a very sparse hairline than to hold on to it. The hard part is coming to terms with accepting the hair loss and we completely understand the sensitivity in dealing with that.

We specialize in working with clients to help them achieve the most natural look for their circumstances. And with each client, we are able to help them choose the best application method.