The 411 on Gray Hair in Hair Extensions, Hairpieces and Wigs

Unlike most wig and hairpiece manufacturers, we do not use synthetic gray hair. Synthetic gray hair does have an advantage because it maintains its color over the life of the hairpiece. Having said that, we only use human gray hair, which is more natural, lighter in weight, easier to style but has a few disadvantages:

Our human gray hair comes in white or pale yellow tones. Some human gray hair is biologically gray- meaning naturally gray hair taken form donors with significant gray hair or gray hairs separated from mostly dark hair, however, we have no way of guaranteeing biological gray hair when making a custom wig or hairpiece.

Most human gray hair is processed- dark hair lightened to a gray shade. In some cases, "gray" hair is technically a very pale blonde that is gray to the naked eye.

Therefore, we tend to max out at 50% gray for a full cap wig. You can go up to 95% gray for a closure or small hairpiece.

The more gray hair on your wig or hairpiece, you will need to be vigilant about products used on the hair so that the hair does not eventually form a yellow cast. This means using the proper shampoos and conditioners for gray hair, such as Biosilk Silver Lights or Nexxus Simply Silver or Platinum Pro- Colour Toning Shampoo.

Processed gray hair cannot be textured (curled, waved, African American Relaxed texture, etc.) at percentages over 25% because the steam processing can yellow the hair. So if you want curly, wavy or relaxed texture gray hair, it's best to keep the percentage gray below 25%.