What is the difference between the hair textures you offer?

Disclaimer: the terminology we use to describe different textures are based on our chosen descriptions for our wigs. Different websites vary their descriptions. It cannot be assumed that the same terms have the same meaning across websites.

Virgin: Virgin hair has been collected from the donor and made into a wig or wefted hair with no chemical or texture processing. The hair you receive is in its natural color and texture. Virgin hair of Asian origin is usually in very dark brown and medium dark brown shades. Very rarely, blonde shades are available. Virgin hair textures range from straight, to wavy and curly. Hair that has been colored, or processed for texture is no longer virgin. Yaki, Jheri and colored tones (such as 6, 8, 10, etc.) are not virgin hair. Many websites describe processed hair as virgin hair and this is not accurate. Our virgin hair is also remy hair, though not all remy hair is virgin.

Remy: Our remy hair is cuticle intact, with roots aligned and all hairs in the same direction. Remy hair can be colored and/or processed for texture. As long as the cuticle is aligned and intact, the hair is still Remy.

Remy Yaki, Remy Light Yaki, Remy Coarse Yaki, Remy African American Texture: This is hair of Indian or Chinese origin (we specify the origin of the hair for each wig) that undergoes a mechanical process to create a texture that resembles relaxed African American hair. The hair can have a light texture or a coarse texture. Our yaki hair process is not obtained with chemical treatments.

Remy Curly or Wavy: This is hair that has been processed to achieve a curly or wavy texture. The curl is usually a silky pattern, suitable for many ethnicities. The hair can be flat ironed striaght for a silky look.

Remy Coarse Curly: This is a special type of hair texture that is curly, but has a little coarseness to the texture. When flat ironed, this hair will resemble relaxed African American hair.

Natural Color: This is actually not a hair texture, but we will often use this term to describe hair that is in its natural color. Sometimes, we are able to obtain beautiful hair that is in natural shades of brown, with sun-kissed highlights. Often, we sell this hair as-is in it's natural color. Sometimes we do process this hair to a yaki, wavy or curly texture, but the hair has not been colored.