U-Part (Integrated) wig questions and answers

Who are U-Part (Integrated) wigs for?

If you have been considering hair extensions, you might consider a U-Part wig as another option instead. U-Part wigs blend in with your real hair, specifically a small strip of hair on top, to make a very natural look and fit.

If you are suffering hair loss or your hair is thinning at the top of your head near the hairline, then a U-Part wig isn't for you.

Aren't U-Part wigs mostly for African American women?

Not at all! While many African American do wear U-Part wigs, so do women of all ethnicities. Wig options are suited much less towards the wearer's ethnicity, but to their specific needs from the wig itself. If a U-Part wig sounds like the type of wig you need, don't let stereotypes scare you away - pick the wig that's right for you.

Why should I wear a U-Part Wig?

If you are already wearing hair extensions, a U-Part wig can be a much simpler solution for you. A U-Part wig doesn't require regular maintenance and reapplications like hair extensions do, so you can save yourself a great deal of money over time. You can apply your <>U-Part wig yourself, but even when applied by a stylist, it is much quicker than the application of hair extensions.

What's the difference between a U-Part wig and a lace wig?

While lace wigs have been hand tied and are good for multi-directional styling, U-Part wigs are made by machine using hair wefts, a similar process to weaving hair.

How much hair comes on a U-Part wig?

The amount of hair will vary from wig to wig, but we always specify how much hair is included in each product description. Usually, each wig will come with 200 - 300 grams of hair, about the same as two or three bundles/packs of hair extensions. If you have the need for a higher density of hair, you will need to contact us to custom order a u part wig.

How do I put on a U-Part wig?

All of our U-Part wigs come with hardware included to attach the wig. The interior of our wigs feature clips and combs, in addition to adjustable wig straps. The hardware is removable and if you know you won't be needing the hardware, you can order a custom U-Part wig with no hardware. Be aware though, wigs without hardware will need to be sewn on, like a one-piece weave.