Does the hair tangle?

There is no such thing as tangle free hair, not in the way most consumers define "tangle". We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but hair tangles. If you ever find a woman with long hair that does not tangle, please, tell her to call us :) Human hair tangles when it's still attached to someone's head and so can the hair on the wig. Nothing can stop that. The problems most people have with poor quality hair is not that it tangles, but that it tangles a lot, or even mats. Good quality Remy hair, like the hair we sell and use on our wigs, is properly cared for and processed with care to give you a good quality product, but it will not be completely tangle free. With proper care and the usage of quality products (i.e. not the cheap stuff from the grocery store), you will have minimal tangling. It is unrealistic to expect any hair not to tangle ever.

At, we provide customers with wig hair care guides with each purchase, to ensure customers are properly educated in caring for their hair. Long hair is more prone to gangling, as the hair often brushes against collars in shirts and jackets (such as the hair at your nape). Keeping tangles to a minimum is a matter of proper education, care and technique, and we provide support to customers who purchase our lace front wigs.