Gray Hair: Information on hairpieces, wigs, toppers and hair extensions for women with gray hair

At Zara Wigs, we have experience catering to women seeking hair replacement or enhancement solutions with gray hair. We use 100% human gray hair in all our pieces. We have experience working with a small amount of gray hair, up to high percentages of gray hair. If you are looking for gray hair in a wig, hairpiece, hair extensions or a topper, there are a few things you should know:

Human gray hair will tend to have a yellow tint over time. While you can use products to control the coloring, the more gray you have in a hairpiece or wig, the more yellowing will be noticeable.

The gray hair we use is often finer than dark, uncolored hair, which is a consideration when you are considering texture and the overall appearance of the finished product. For this reason, we typically do not go above 50% gray for a full wig, and go up to 90% gray for a hairpiece.

Gray hair is difficult to process for texture, therefore, the higher the percentage gray you want, the less textured you should select. At 10% gray, you can go for any texture including kinky curl, kinky straight or any curly or wavy texture. The higher percentage gray you select, the less processed texture you can achieve. Percentages from 30-50% gray can only be textured for a bodywave or a very light African American Relaxed Texture. Above 50% gray and you are pretty much restricted to the natural texture of the hair.