I have a lace wig and I feel like you can see the lace, do you offer a lace that is invisible?

Sometimes the information we have on wigs has to be balanced with considering frame of reference, because all these terms are subjective. You may feel your lace is very visible, someone else may not, because their criteria is different. And someone may say their lace wig is undetectable, because it is, to them, another person may think it's visible. The truth is no wig material perfectly duplicates scalp. In the theatrical/film industry they use special materials because the actor is only wearing the materials for a few hours at a time, plus they have theatrical makeup, lighting and other things at their disposal. So what we are dealing with is not an exact duplication of scalp, but better or worse materials for not being obviously visible.

I think the lace front industry has hyped the wigs to be completely undetectable, looking just like real hair growing out of your head. And the truth is, it doesn't look exactly like hair growing from scalp, but the materials can get pretty close to that look.

Lace is lace no matter how you look at it, and you can have finer lace, better colors, more camouflaging techniques (such as concealer, etc.) but the reality is it is still lace and lace doesn't look like skin. But lace can be hard to see, when laid against the skin, when it is a fine quality, in the right color, and better yet, when it is concealed with makeup