Who should consider wearing a Jewish style wig?

Many customers come to us looking into a full lace wig because they see our quality. Many of them do not actually need a "full lace" wig. A full lace wig is often most suited for someone who is bonding or sewing on the wig, wearing for weeks at a time or has severe hair loss (partial or complete). Someone who is taking the wig off nightly does not usually need a full lace wig.

Having said that, "full lace" has also become synonymous with "fully hand tied" meaning all the hair is knotted to the base. You can have a fully hand tied wig without it being "full lace". Lace is meant to blend with the skin, virtually "disappearing" to the naked eye. Everyone doesn't need that.

The best candidate for a Jewish style wig is someone who:

  • Is removing the wig daily
  • Will not, or can not, consider bonding
  • Does not need to wear the hair "off the face" or expose the hairline
  • Needs a really snug, comfort fit
  • Has soft or thin biological hair, that doesn't "grip" well with full lace
  • Will cut bangs into the wig, wear their own hairline out, or will wear the hair coming "towards the face.