At Zara Wigs, we see many clients with trichotillomania, or trich, as we often call it. We provide an understanding and empathetic environment for women dealing with hair loss. At our retail store, we have a private area for trying on wigs and consultations. If you're concern, we can also close or lock our store doors during your consultation.

If you have trich, our experience has been that the best application method is to sew or bond the full lace wig. We have found that removing the wig (i.e. using a glueless application) doesn't really help the client much as they will resort to pulling when the wig has been removed.

We have noticed that clients with trich do not pull the hair on their wigs, though they may pull at the base of the wig to try to find a way to get to their "spots" where they pull their biological hair.

While we will not claim to achieve miraculous results with clients with trich, we do find that creating barriers to pulling the hair does allow the scalp, follicles and hair to recover and grow back. The process is long term, many clients maintain the urge to pull, but with a full lace wig, we can at least restore the physical appearance so that there is no visible "evidence" of pulling.