Hair Loss after Gastric Bypass

Many women are unprepared for the hair loss often experienced with weight loss surgeries, including Gastric Bypass. The dramatic shift in the body, including nutrition and medication, can shock the system, causing hair thinning or loss.

It can take months or years for the hair to grow back, and you may not regain your original fullness. For most women, this is a shocking experience to have to deal with one part of your appearance improving, while another part gets worse.

While we can't help you re-grow your hair, we can provide a cosmetic solution in the meantime. We offer hair extensions, but they may not be the best solution if you are still losing hair, as the weight of the extensions can exacerbate the hair loss. Although many women are uncomfortable with the idea of wearing a wig, it's often a great alternative for giving you a mane that matches your improving body.

A full lace wig is a very natural alternative, for many women, it's imperceptible. Take the chance to play with your look, maybe try a different color, length or style. Go from straight to curly or curly to straight and have fun with your appearance. You're changing your wardrobe and your outlook, try changing your hair too!