Can I order a lace front wig in a natural color and have my stylist color it?

When a lace front or full lace wig is made, they color the hair according to your specifications, so there can be some slight variation between the color ring and the actual wig.

We can use hair that has not been colored (natural, uncolored hair), but keep in mind your colorist will need to test a sample before coloring the entire wig.

We have had customers complain about wigs they ordered elsewhere and we suspect their stylist botched the color job and blamed it on the wig and the perceived lack of quality of hair. Since most consumers don't know technical details of wigs and hair coloring, they believe the stylist.

We usually advise testing on a small portion of hair before coloring the entire wig. You probably have a good colorist, but there are so many who just pick up a bottle or tube of haircolor and expect the same results over and over, not considering that every wig is just as different as every head of hair on a live person.

Also keep in mind that processed hair (yaki, steam processed curl) has a tendency to process color faster than completely virgin hair.

If you're concerned about having a stylist color your hair, you can work with one of our colorists to achieve your custom colored wig's finished look.