How long I can leave the wig on at a time?

If you are not using adhesive to bond the unit around the perimeter, then removing it nightly is a great option. Removing your wig nightly will prolong the life of the wig. Out of all the choices you can make with the care of your full-lace wig, not sleeping in it or engaging in any aggressive activities while wearing the wig will best help to prolong its life. Most customers use an adhesive bond and keep the wig on for one to two weeks at a time. We don't recommend a bond longer than that because the combination of the breakdown of the adhesive, body chemistry, sweat or oil, hair products, skin products, make-up, soap it can become an extremely messy situation. People who have poor grooming habits can end up with a sticky residue that is extremely difficult to remove, and build layers of stubborn residue over time.