What can I specify on a custom lace front wig order?

Since a custom lace wig is made to order, you can specify everything. However, too many options are often very confusing to new customers. Basically the things that you need to think about when placing a custom order are:

1- Hair length: hair length is measured from the crown to the tips of the hair.

2- Hair color: we offer all standard wig colors, as well as a few custom colors of our own. We also offer hair that has not been colored. This hair comes in shades ranging from very dark brown/off black to medium brown. Uncolored hair often has natural sun-kissed highlights.

3- Density: density refers to the amount of hair tied to the base. Most customers either have light-to medium density or light-to medium heavy density. Usually we advise customers against light density all over. We have other techniques to make a wig look less full if you need a light look.

4- Cap/Base construction: we have a variety of wig cap materials, but most customers choose from swiss lace, french lace, fine mono or thin skin, sometimes combining more than one or adding stretch lace to the cap for flexibility.

5- Lace color: lace can be tinted to different shades of brown. We advise most customers needing a colored lace to send a picture of themselves so that we can send this to our wigmakers.

6- Hair type: Indian or Chinese Remy. Occasionally, we offer hair from other countries, but Indian and Chinese Remy are the two most common hair types.

These are the main decisions you will need to consider when purchasing a custom made wig. Bleached knots, baby hair and natural hairlines are all standard. We only exclude these items if you request it.