Virgin hair, Remy hair, I'm confused

There is so much conflicting information floating out there, we will set the record straight.

Remy hair is hair that has cuticles intact (not stripped) and the hair is aligned from root to tip (all in the same direction). Remy hair can be virgin, or processed for color or texture.

Virgin hair is hair that has not been colored or processed for texture. Yaki hair is not virgin, because it has been processed, but can be Remy. Processed curl patterns are not virgin, because they have been processed for texture, but can be Remy. Very light shades usually are not virgin as they are usually colored. Virgin hair usually comes in very dark shades ranging from off black to medium brown, similar to #4. It's not common to find virgin jet black hair, nor is it common to find virgin Asian hair in lighter shades of brown or blonde.

If you have never tried Virgin hair before, you may want to consider it. Unprocessed textures are magnificent and last longer than processed hair, although there's less variety with color and texture.