What is spirit gum and should I use it?

There are two primary industries that use lace front wigs. Theatrical/ film use and hair replacement use. Spirit gum is primarily used for stage applications because it provides a short term hold and also because in theater, believe it or not, they leave 1-2 inches of lace on the wig and cover it up with makeup. That is different than what most daily lace front wig wearers would choose. The hair replacement industry has not adopted that type of adhesive on a widespread basis because the clients are looking for a longer hold. Interestingly enough, spirit gum is also used to adhere prosthetic devices like fake noses, fake skin and other such things to skin.

So would that be better? Yes, if you are planning to take your wig off every night or only need a few days of hold. Otherwise, you would want something with a longer hold and that is less visible.