Sew On (Sew In, Sewn) Full Lace Front Wig

Our beautiful model is wearing a Chinese Remy African American Relaxed Texture full lace wig. The color is natural color with #4 highlights blended throughout. The wig is glue-less, however, the wig is sewn on in these photos. The hair is lightly flat ironed for style, the unit has not been cut and is pretty much being worn as-is. The length is 14" with light brown lace. We normally stock this unit in natural color or 1B, you can special order this unit with the #4 highlights. As you can see in the photographs, the highlights are beautiful and subtle, blending very well with the model's complexion. This color combination works with a variety of skin shades. When sewing a lace wig on, the perimeter braid is the most important, as the unit is secured to the perimeter. As you can see with our model, there is no need for tight braiding throughout the head, which is great for people who have traction alopecia, hair thinning or are "tender-headed". Typically a sewn in unit will stay secure for 6-8 weeks, but removal every 4 weeks is a good idea. A full lace wig can typically be sewn on in less than 30 minutes, with a full appointment time of approximately 1.5-2 hours to allow for shampoo, conditioning and braiding. Sewing on full lace wigs is a great style for women transitioning from relaxed to natural hair or for weave converts looking for something with less application time, and stress on the natural hair, than a full head weave. A sewn on unit is typically re-usable for 3-4 applications (or more), depending upon the wear on the perimeter of the unit. While sewing the unit on does create holes in the unit, it can be less wear than adhesive bonds because there is no need for clean up of adhesive residue. Typically with a sewn on unit, you will leave your "edges" (front hairline) exposed and some women leave out 0.5-1" of perimeter hair and sew the wig on "behind the hairline". If you're concerned about the part, you can opt for a silk top or have a "leave out", where a section of the wig is "cut out" to allow the exposure of your natural head.