I want a wig that has... and has the measurements... when will you have it in stock?

We are unable to stock every size/color combination or cap size. If you have not been able to find a stock wig exactly like the one you want, the chances are we won't have it. Even if we stocked your cap size, it may not be the hair texture or curl pattern you would like. Therefore, if you have specific requirements, it's better to order a custom lace wig. We have a very long list of stock wig designs we will offer, but it still probably won't match your desired specifications or measurements.

There are certain things we are more likely to stock these are:
Medium and Large cap sizes
Standard textures in 1b or 2- this includes silky yaki, curly, straight and wavy

Things that we do not usually stock include:
Specific cap measurements
Specific cap constructions: i.e. combinations of thin skin, swiss or french lace and caps with no stretch
Specific textures in specific colors-- we are unable to offer all the combinations
Hair longer than 24 inches long

To summarize, if you are looking for something specific, then you may want to consider ordering a custom made wig.