Hair Replacement Options for Transgender Transsexual or Trans Woman

At Zara Wigs we like to consider ourselves experts at making women look amazingly good. As such, attract a fair amount of transsexual / transgender clients. There are often differences when creating a hair replacement unit for a transgender woman.

First and foremost, the transgender woman tends to still have a masculine head shape and hairline. Often, this means ensuring a proper fit for the full cap wig and in some cases, it means re-creating the hairline. Most of our transgender clients wear a large wig base, or require a custom made wig to ensure adequate coverage around the head. Some transgender clients are able to grow what we would consider a "feminine" hairline, but many still have a more masculine hairline.

While it may be politically incorrect to speak in such terms, masculine hairlines are often more dramatically shaped with receding temples, and a pronounced differentiation between the hair at the front and middle of the forehead than on the sides. Also there may be sideburns that consistently need to be shaved, waxed or permanently removed.

The Zara Wigs flagship store is in the San Francisco Bay Area. We're very friendly and have experience working with people from all walks of life. We have the sensitivity and decorum to work with transgender clients of all ages, all ethnicities and all backgrounds. We have private consultation areas and for any client with special needs, we can schedule a completely private appointment, before or after normal business hours so that you can meet with us in complete privacy. In select geographic locations, we have consultants that can meet with you in your home or place of choice, at your doctor's office (if they will allow) or arrange a video consultation via Skype.

When undertaking the physical transformation, there are so many different procedures and factors that are part of the journey, and there's one small part that we can make a little bit easier!