Men's Hair Replacement Units and Options

At Zara Wigs, we have many inquiries from men asking if we make hair replacement units for men, and we have. In this article we will cover the differences between men's and women's hair replacement units*.

Male hairstyle hair replacement units are almost always lighter in density than female hairstyle hair replacement units<
Most men are going for a natural appearance while women have the luxury of going after a dramatic appearance. Thus a male hairstyle hair replacement unit is almost always lighter in density and should focus almost exclusively on using fine lace (i.e. no stretch or thicker materials). Also, men really must be cautious to ensure the density of their hairpiece is age and ethnicity appropriate.

Male hairstyle hair replacement units require color matching
Often, when we consult with female clients, the first option a woman will choose is the color she was never able to achieve with her biological hair, the color she always wanted. For a man, the ultimate goal is blending with the biological hair color.

Male hairstyle hair replacement units must be "cut-in"
Cutting the hairpiece in is the term used to describe the process of cutting the hairpiece to blend with the biological hair. A hairpiece is often much longer than required, because most factories need a minimum of 4-6 inches of hair for consistent wig-making, and is not styled. While most male hair replacement wearers can develop, over time, the competency to cut and style their own units, it's almost impractical to expect the first time hair wearer to manage this alone. Therefore, the assistance of an experienced hair stylist is often needed to ease the transition into hair wearing.

Shaving the head is not that emotional for men
Because of that, most men will take the necessary steps to achieve a great adhesive bond.

Male hairstyle hair replacement units almost always have the cuticles removed from the hair
There's really no way to avoid this. When the hair is knotted into the base, the return hair is practically as long as the hair. Without removing the cuticles, the hair would definitely tangle and mat.

All things equal, a male hair replacement unit will outlast a female hair replacement unit
This is because most men don't subject their hairpieces to the constant styling (combs, brushes, flat irons, curling irons, rollers, etc.) that most women do. Since the hair is often fairly short, not that much styling is required.

*This article specifically addresses male hairstyle men's hair replacement units. For information on female hairstyle wigs for men (pre-op transgender, drag, etc.) click here.