Can I Swim in a Full Lace Wig?

Over time, we have generally taken the position that it's best that clients not swim in a full lace wig, without wearing a swim cap. Most people incorrectly assume that the only chemical in a pool is chlorine. There are several chemicals in a swimming pool that not only sanitize the water, but maintain the PH, kill insects and algae and condition the water. All of this creates an environment of unpredictability.

You could be fine swimming in a full lace wig, or it could be a disaster, there's really no way to predict the outcome. Another issue is that commercial pools tend to be treated heavily with pool chemicals, more than is usually required to maintain a private residential pool, to maintain chemical balance amidst the presence of many swimmers. All of this can have an impact on your hair system. Most women's hair systems are long, and processed (for color and/or texture) and it's a risky endeavor to expose your hairpiece or wig to a chemical environment such as a swimming pool.