Do you offer Premium Lace or Invisible Lace?

Honestly, when making wigs, there are two types of lace normally/commonly referred to: Swiss and French. In some cases they may call this a theatrical lace and a film lace. In more technical terms there may be a wig lace and a fine wig lace. Basically these terms are to denote that there is a lace, and there is a finer lace.

What happens is that each company is free to call their versions of these laces whatever they choose. They can call them super lace, special lace, invisible lace, incredible lace, you get the picture. This can make it confusing to customers because there is no standard by which they can make an apples to apples comparison.

To be honest, we have no ability to advise if our laces are similar to the laces of other companies because we do not have their laces in our possession to judge this.

All we can tell you is that we offer French and Swiss lace :)