What kind of errors can occur in the custom ordering process?

The types of errors we experience with custom orders fall into two categories: instructions not being followed accurately or the result of those instructions aren't as expected. An example of instructions not being followed accurately includes a wig base constructed incorrectly; missing clips or combs, missing an adjustable strap. Something not being as expected is usually the result of the customer choosing a combination of colors that seemed good, conceptually, but doesn't look good, in reality. Sometimes, we also reject wigs because we were not happy with the quality, for example, the density is far too light, or the hair length is too sparse in certain areas, or (most commonly) the hairline is not constructed according to our quality standards.

We would not advise customers to expect errors or delays, but they do happen. Normally when we have an error, we pause production on all similar wigs, to ensure that one error doesn't become 10 errors. Therefore, if one wig is complete with a poor quality hairline, all other wig production is paused, to ensure that this hairline issue is not repeated. This can cause a delay on more orders than the one in question, but we feel it's necessary.

Manufacturing custom ordered hairpiece is a tremendous task, when you consider that as a customer, nearly every single variable can be specified. Manufacturing, in general, favors continued production of the same item, not one-time production of many different items. Having said that, we believe the level of hassle we experience is to be expected in such an environment. To phrase this differently, if we were making 1,000 of one style, we would have far greater accuracy and continuity than making 1,000 of 1,000 different styles.