The trade off between lighter and heavier density on a full lace wig or hairpiece

We have customers who are looking for a light and realistic density on their full lace wigs or hair pieces. One thing to understand is that there's a tradeoff between density and the visibility of the lace on the hairpiece. Generally speaking, the lighter the density, the more lace that's visible because there are fewer strands of hair on the entire unit. Sometimes, customers who request a light density are not prepared for the reality that they're not able to part the wig in certain places because the lace would be too visible since there's not enough hair covering the lace.

Sometimes customers order a normal density, that is perfectly fine for a hair replacement, unit but do not like any lace showing and return it to have a lot more hair added. Ultimately, the type of wig that they are looking for is a heavy density which, for most people, can be too much hair. Alternately, customers who request a very light density or medium light density often don't realize just how much lace will show through. We have density charts online so that customers can get an idea of the amount of coverage with certain levels of density, to select the method that best suits their needs. Just be aware that the lighter density you select the more lace will be likely to show through on your hair replacement unit.