Can I color my lace front wig myself?

Many people have wonderful ideas for the color of their full lace wig or hair replacement unit. While many have experience coloring their own hair, extra caution MUST be taken when coloring "cut" hair. Knowledge of the origin and history of the hair is always critical when chemically processing however with "cut" hair extra steps and precautions are taken as well as procedure. We offer Custom Coloring Services for those who wish, and can create just about any coloring look you are attempting to achieve for a modest fee. Some key elements to home coloring "cut hair" include:

1. Only using salon quality coloring products

2. Always doing a strand test to verify the color results as well as the strength of the hair

3. Knowing which volume of peroxide to use. ie: "boxed" hair colors all use a pre-determined peroxide that can permanently damage your unit if too strong or not strong enough.

4. Having the proper "chemical processing" environment for optimal results. Over processing "cut hair" happens generally much quicker than hair that has not been cut from its source, a few minutes can do a lot of damage.

5. Proper knowledge of the origin and history of the hair to prevent stripping, over processing, and ill matched color to base color.